Q: Do I ghost write copy on occasion?


A: Absolutely. So PR's; please get in touch with any similar ideas...

Alesha Dixon in Jamaica, Daily Express
Caprice in Aruba, Daily Express

Q. Do you have an extensive archive of celebrity interviews?


A. Indeed I do. Most have been published in some form; some haven't. Commissioning editors; please get in touch regarding rights opportunities if you're interested.

Q. Do you ever get star struck?


A. No, but I was momentarily lost for words when Hayley Mills outed me as a carnivore during our interview for Vegetarian Living Magazine.

Q. What's the most ridiculous request you've ever had from a PR during an interview?


A. "Please can we talk about the hair tongs more or I'll have to stop the interview."

Q. What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done in the name of journalism?


A. Doesn't get much worse than this...

I suspect it was no coincidence that the publishers closed this magazine seven days after this was published


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