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Former England captain and football legend KEVIN KEEGAN spent so much time with a club in his hand his children thought he was a professional golfer, The Guardian

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"I was held captive at gunpoint in Egypt," says TV presenter and musician MYLEENE KLASS, Daily Telegraph

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Singer turned presenter LAUREN LAVERNE on the night she hitched a lift with a clown, Lonely Planet Magazine

Pop princess PIXIE LOTT on those Mickey Rourke rumours, Dare Magazine

I had a love/hate relationship with my parents, reveals diminutive Scottish singer LULU, The Guardian

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Ketamine, conspiracy and, 'pain in the arse,' Daybreak presenters. All in a day's work for former narcotics salesman and MI5 spy, HOWARD MARKS, Sunday Mirror Celebs On Sunday

"I find the song writing process cathartic," says Welsh Britpopper CERYS MATTHEWS, Hello

"Jeremy Clarkson is a rude bastard," admits Top Gear co-host JAMES MAY, Electric! Magazine

"You don't have to be a bitch to succeed in showbiz," says actress, singer & probiotic yoghurt advocate MARTINE McCUTCHEON, Sunday Express S Magazine

"I never felt the urge to rebel against my parents," admits confirmed suburbanite DAVID MITCHELL, The Guardian

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"The paparazzi make my life hell," says actress SIENNA MILLER, Dare Magazine

“I went back to work four days after giving birth," admits lingerie entrepreneur MICHELLE MONE, Sunday Mirror Celebs On Sunday

Editor turned celebrity PIERS MORGAN on fame, fortune and why he'd always choose Princess Diana over Victoria Beckham, Docklands Magazine

"Despite my divorces, I still believe in marriage," says Danish actress and the former Mrs Stallone, BRIGITTE NEILSEN, The Guardian

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Grease legend and evergreen singer OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN on her breast cancer battle, Yours Magazine

Veteran film critic and writer BARRY NORMAN pays tribute to his wife Diana, Daily Mail Weekend Magazine

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"I overdosed on self help books in my 20s," says actress and mum TAMZIN OUTHWAITE, Daily Mail

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